“Dr. Chong is MAGICAL!”

If I could give Dr. Lavinia Chong a thousand stars that would not be enough! From pre-appointments to surgery to follow-up, she is amazing. I was referred to her by my family doctor due to ruptured implants. Old implants had to be removed, escaped silicon recovered and new implants inserted. Her reviews were wonderful, so I felt confident I would be in good hands. It would have been impossible for me to plan a more perfect surgery and outcome. Dr.Chong really listened to my expectations, concerns and questions. She carefully explained options to achieve the results I wanted. The day of surgery was like visiting a spa. Everyone was friendly, comforting and professional. The days following my surgery were painless. I did not need any of the pain medication I was prescribed. I was slightly sore on the second day (the way muscles feel when you first start exercising them). An Advil took care of that. I actually felt so well it was hard to restrain myself to only walking. On Dr. Chong’s advice, I had drains for three days. They were not uncomfortable, just sort of awkward. I am grateful that they were used because they removed excess liquid, reduced swelling and sped my healing process. I took one week off from work for this surgery and the following Monday returned to my very active job. I was so full of energy; I felt as though I had never had surgery! My results are prettier than I expected and I feel wonderful! Honestly, Dr. Chong is MAGICAL!

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