“I feel incredibly lucky and blessed”

Dr Chong went over everything with me so many times, never once got frustrated with me, was so kind to me when I started getting scared. She was so honest when we talked about my problem and potential sizes and what she thought would look best. When I got to the OR I started to cry and panic a bit, and everyone in the room was so good to me. The nurses were at my legs, and Dr Chong PERSONALLY held my hand, stroked my hair, and talked to me about a Hawaiian vacation after healing to show my perky new babies off!! She knew the needle phobia was getting the best of me and made it her personal mission go make me feel more comfortable. I can only speak for my friends who have had augmentations, and none of them had stories to tell about doctors having bedside manners like THAT. I think it’s very rare, and probably especially rare in a plastic surgery setting. I have one friend looking to do implant removal and my sister wants implants and I’ve already told them both to stop looking. Because Dr Chong is so absolutely amazing that they would be lucky to go to her. I have complete faith that they will be amazing once they’re healed. Just from what I can see down my top right now they look so good!! I feel incredibly lucky and blessed to have found such a top notch surgeon for such a life altering surgery for me.

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