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Sorting ages from 50 - 64yrs

Facelift & Neck lift – Patient 3

Patient Case: #3748
1 year post procedure
Patient Age: 58

*Individual results may vary

Facelift & Neck lift – Patient 5

Patient Case: #3780
5 Months post-op
Procedure: Rhytidectomy & Cervicoplasty with Quad Blepharoplasty and Peri-orbital Laser
64 yr old male seeking face & neck lift to resolve skin laxity, upper & lower eyelid lift, and laser treatment around the area of the mouth to reduce appearance of fine lines & wrinkles while stimulating collagen production.

*Individual results may vary

Facelift – Patient 9

Patient Case: #5445
1 year post-op
Procedure: Rhytidectomy & Cervicoplasty with Fat Grafting to face and Cutera Excel V Laser
60 yr old female seeking face & neck lift to resolve skin laxity appearing as mandibular jowls and cervicomental obliquity. Cutera Excel V Laser to malar, nose, and brow area for poikloderma. Fat grafting to resolve facial lipoatrophy.

*Individual results may vary