Pink Ribbon On Women's Chest with a Pink BraA breast cancer diagnosis can be devastating and a mastectomy can be even more devastating to a woman’s self-image. Fortunately, with advanced surgical techniques, the option for reconstructive breast surgery can begin immediately following the mastectomy.

There are two main options available for breast reconstruction, including:


Tissue Expander & Breast Implant Surgery

With this type of surgery, Dr. Chong will insert an inflatable tissue expander beneath the skin on the chest wall that enables the body to grow additional skin to allow for the insertion of a breast implant. Over a period of about 4-5 months, the tissue expander is refilled, causing it to grow, stretching the skin to allow placement of a breast implant.

Tram Flap Surgery

TRAM Flap surgery is a reconstructive procedure performed immediately after a mastectomy to reconstruct the shape of the breast using muscle, fat and skin from the abdomen. Technically known as transverse rectus abdominus myocutaneous, TRAM Flap breast reconstruction is one of the most popular methods for breast reconstruction following mastectomy.

Female plastic surgeon, Dr. Chong will work with your oncologist and surgeon to coordinate your breast reconstruction prior to your mastectomy to ensure that you will achieve the result that closely resembles the shape and size of your original breast.

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