Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation Newport Beach

For many, the female breast has come to symbolize femininity, youth, and sexuality. However, when age, weight fluctuations, pregnancy and lactation produce undesirable changes, women may start to consider breast augmentation. The common denominator for moving ahead is to regain “Comfort with the appearance of my post-baby body”. Sagging, uneven, deflated breasts with expanded areolar complexes and enlarged nipples do not contribute to a sense of confidence. Although lingerie has improved significantly, many women want to have beautiful breasts clothed and unclothed. Now, Aesthetic Surgery patients can proceed confident that their procedures will include 4th & 5th generation silicone gel implants, products which are engineered relying on historical precedents and with superior oversight. Women are making empowered decisions based on their lifestyles and aesthetic sensibilities.

The Method:

As a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Chong is a trusted specialist in breast augmentation surgery. In planning your ideal breast, you should feel free to discuss your particular desires:

  • Cup size
  • Profile-including upper pole fullness
  • Cleavage
  • Desire for mobility versus stability
  • Interest in subsequent lactation
  • Preference for saline vs. silicone
  • Customary activities, such as body building
  • Prior breast history, including cysts, mastitis, family history of breast cancer
  • Anatomy
  • History of scarring

There are many choices to be clarified:

  • Location of breast implants, above the muscle (subglandular) or below the muscle (dual plane: 50% submuscular & 50% subglandular);
  • Access incision, (periareolar) around the areolar or (inframammary) in the fold at the breast base;
  • Implant size, as determined by your personal desires, and the width of your chest wall.

Dr. Chong will guide you through the sizing process, since the choices can be overwhelming. Your “homework” is to review the Before/After Galleries to identify your “ideal” breast. Once briefed, our mission is to help you become the beauty you love!

Post Operative:

Immediately post-op, there is relatively little pain, due to the use of long lasting local anesthetic. Upon returning home, patients are instructed to treat any pain “preemptively” by following post-op protocols, which include icing, activity restriction and regular consumption of prescribed muscle relaxants and pain medications. Dual plan positioning is initially more uncomfortable, as the chest muscle spasms it drives the implants higher on the chest wall for several weeks postop. Gradually, tissues relax and the implants “drop and fluff”, settling into position and softening. Patients who work outside the home may return after 3-5 days, or whenever the pain meds have been suspended. Walking around the house is encouraged immediately; however strenuous upper extremity activity, including lifting infants and toddlers, should be delayed at least 2-3 weeks. Follow up appointments are essential to ensure safe, excellent, & informed outcomes. We take pride in being your first resource for breast implant topics which may include:

  • Breast Massage (not for textured implants)’
  • Breast self exam’
  • Scar care;
  • Resumption of sexual activities;
  • Transition to underwire bras, etc.;
  • Mammogram scheduling.