Woman holding front of her bra | lavinia k chong m DAugmentation-mastopexy (Breast Augmentation with Breast Lift) is a technically challenging procedure, which has ambitious goals:

  • Symmetry;
  • Longevity;
  • Mobility of the breasts;
  • Equal and sensate nipples; &
  • Minimal scarring.

As a plastic surgeon with years of experience helping patients across Orange County, Dr. Lavinia K. Chong performs augmentation-mastopexy. She can help women achieve the figure they desire by combining breast augmentation with a breast lift at her Newport Beach location. 

Who Is a Good Candidate for Breast Augmentation with Breast Lift?

Candidates for breast augmentation with breast lift are diverse. Postpartum (pregnancy) changes in the breast include loss of volume, change of shape, sagging, and exaggeration of asymmetries. Age and genetics can also produce these unwanted effects. Conventional wisdom holds that breasts change at least 3 times during a woman’s adult lifetime: puberty, pregnancy/lactation, and menopause hence surgical planning also factors in a woman’s age and preferred sports & activities. Factors that must be considered include a patient’s breast history of mastitis, biopsies, mammograms, and personal or family history of breast cancer. Moreover, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and so we request patients’ input on what they consider aesthetic ideals.

Women older than 22 years of age can elect silicone gel devices while younger women are currently limited to saline implants. Dr. Chong will work with you to determine the right material, size, and shape for the implants used during an augmentation-mastopexy procedure.   

The Augmentation-Mastopexy Procedure

A Breast Augmentation with Breast Lift procedure is performed under monitored anesthesia care in our Newport Beach office. Typically, the mastopexy or lift is the first stage, so that equivalence of the skin envelope, nipple position, and breast volume is assured, taking care to preserve the blood and nerve supply to the nipple-areolar complex. The pattern of scars are discussed and agreed upon at the pre-op and depends on:

  • The amount of skin laxity and quality of the skin
  • The patient’s aesthetic ideals
  • The complexity of the breast lift, such as whether an “internal bra” capsulorrhaphy utilizing Strattice or Durasorb is implemented
  • The size/projection of the implant used
  • The patient’s history of scarring

Meticulous and gentle tissue handling is essential for good wound healing and minimal scarring. Silicone gel implants are inserted using a Keller funnel, thereby ensuring a pristine “no-touch” technique, to reduce the possibility of infection and capsular contracture. Drains may be used, and the incisions are closed with multiple layers of dissolving sutures.

Recovering from Breast Augmentation with Breast Lift

The typical time for recovery is 7-14 days, although many patients resume driving or working, as soon as they have discontinued pain medications. Often, Silagen is used to improve scar appearance. Some patients may experience a temporary burning sensation, which represents sensory nerves regaining function and is a temporary inconvenience. We encourage all patients to call with any questions.

The decision to have cosmetic surgery is a deeply personal one and Dr. Chong is firmly committed to helping her patients make the best choices to fulfill their goals. She will be happy to personally consult with in Newport Beach you to discuss your desires and help you formulate a treatment plan. To find out more about breast augmentation with a breast lift, please contact us at (949) 644-1400