Our lips get a lot of attention. Whenever we smile, speak, or make facial expressions, our lips are involved. If you want to increase definition to thin lips, reverse signs of aging from an elongated lip, or raise your lip corners, a lip lift may be the perfect solution for your concerns. A simple, subtle procedure can help you achieve youthful facial balance. Dr. Lavinia Chong of Newport Beach performs lip lifts to improve volume, shape, and definition and rejuvenate your face.

What Is an Upper Lip Lift?

A lip lift is a simple, highly customizable procedure, which can be scheduled, under local anesthesia with oral sedation.  The technique  shortens the excess flesh colored upper lip’s length, conserves normal anatomical landmarks while concealing the scar at the base of the nose.  The net result is to  increase the dry vermillion show (pink lip skin), rejuvenating the aging lip without depending on lip filler volume expansion thus it can be offered to both male as well as female patients..  If additional volume is desired,  lip fillers can be used, later for a more dramatic  plump, fuller pout.

What Are the Benefits of a Lip Lift?

The upper lip volume, posture and shape will stretch, lengthen, and thin as we age; all these features may produce dissatisfaction.  By contrast, a  well executed upper lip lift will resolve concerns about how your upper lip affects your facial appearance. Some younger patients may naturally have flattened upper lips  or downturned lip corners, which can be addressed by this technique, thus balancing their smiles.

Benefits include:

  • Shortens the upper  lip length which is characteristic of a senescent lip;
  • Conceals the scar at the base of the nostrils;
  • Improves philtral definition (vertical columns between base of nose & upper lip);
  • Makes your upper teeth more visible when you smile;
  • Restores the youthful landmarks (Cupid’s bow peak) of the upper lip;
  • Applicable to both women & men who do not want fillers in the upper lip;
  • Provides a long lasting “correction” with a single procedure;

The Lip Lift Process

The lip lift process begins with a consultation with Dr. Chong. During your consultation, Dr. Chong will listen as you describe aspects of your lips that you want to keep or improve. After examining and evaluating your needs and goals, she will explain whether you can benefit most from a surgical or non-surgical approach and the results you can expect.

Surgical Lip Lift

Dr. Chong customizes lip lift treatment plans for Newport Beach patients based on their unique needs. The technique she uses for your surgical lip lift will ensure the best outcome. The simple procedure only takes about an hour and includes these steps:

  • Photos. Consent. Postop teaching (soft diet, pediatric tooth brush) & meds prescribed. Ensure driver available;
  • Topical anesthetic to numb the area & oral sedative;.
  • Planning surgical resection & conducting procedure, 1-1.5h;.
  • Surgical repair includes deep absorbable sutures as well as external sutures which are removed in a week;

Post-op visits: 7 days, 30d.   Most of the swelling will resolve within two weeks. After wound healing is completed, in  about three months, you will see the final effects. Your lips will look more youthful, and the natural-looking results often last a decade or more.

Non-Surgical Lip Augmentation

If you choose a non-surgical approach, Dr. Chong will use injectable lip fillers to add volume to your lips. Unlike a surgical lift lip, fillers will not shorten or lift your lip. The simple procedure takes about 30 minutes and includes these steps:

  • Apply a topical anesthetic to numb your lips.
  • Make tiny filler injections in targeted areas where you want to increase volume.
  • Gently massage your lips to promote smoothness.

You will notice instant plumpness and definition in your lips. Results may last six to 12months, depending on the filler type and how quickly your body metabolizes it.

Why You Can Rely on Dr. Chong for Your Lip Lift Procedure

As a board-certified female plastic surgeon, Dr. Chong focuses on creating results that enhance your natural beauty. She has served Newport Beach communities for more than 20 years and has experience in surgical and non-surgical lip lifts while prioritizing patient comfort.

Dr. Chong of Newport Beach welcomes you to a lip lift consultation at her office in Newport Beach to discuss your goals and treatment options. Call us at (949) 644-1400 or complete our online form to request a consultation today.