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Medically reviewed by Lavinia K. Chong, MD, FACS

What is numbing cream?  The primary ingredient in numbing cream* (also seen in gel form) is lidocaine.

Do I need numbing cream?  Most dermal fillers contain a small amount of lidocaine. In the past, some of our Newport Beach patients have requested a topical numbing cream prior to treatment (particularly for lip injections and treatment for the lower eyelid/tear trough area). While numbing cream is not necessary, patients may experience less discomfort during treatment of sensitive areas if they numb prior to coming in.

Are there any benefits to numbing?  We have actually found that working without a topical anesthetic (particularly with Botox injections) gives the injector a better read of the treatment area, producing optimal outcomes.

I have always numbed prior to treatment in the past, can I continue to do so?  Moving forward on a modified schedule, we will no longer be offering numbing in-office. For patients who still desire numbing prior to treatment, we are happy to call in a prescription. To obtain a prescription for our topical anesthetic, please call our Newport Beach office at (949) 644-1400 today. 

Can you call in a prescription to my pharmacy?  Prescriptions for our topical anesthetic are fulfilled by Healthcare Pharmacy of Tustin, located at 14642 Newport Ave, Tustin, CA 92780. Orders may be shipped directly to you, or you may pick up your prescription at the pharmacy. Once you have requested a prescription, your information and prescription will be faxed to the pharmacy. Healthcare Pharmacy of Tustin will contact you directly for payment (please be sure to confirm your preferred method of delivery). If you missed their call, please call (714) 669-4000 for assistance. Prescriptions are $29.95 plus shipping (prices subject to change).

I have been thinking about trying filler under my eyes or adding volume to my lips. I’m also beginning to notice my jowls are becoming more pronounced. How do I know where to numb?

  • Many patients seek under eye filler treatments such as Belotero for the treatment of fine lines, hollowness, and dark circles. For this under eye area, you will apply a small amount of topical anesthetic along the inferior orbital rim (the top portion of the zygomatic “cheek” bone). Do not apply too close to the eye, and do not rub your eyes once you have applied numbing.
  • Add volume to the lips with Restylane KYSSE, reduce fine lines/wrinkles around the lip lines, or turn up frowns at the corners of the mouth. Prep these areas by applying a small amount of numbing to the lip lines and just slightly above/below. Do not lick your lips once you have applied numbing (do not ingest the topical anesthetic).
  • Improve the appearance of your marionette lines (also known as the nasolabial folds, lines which run from the corner of the nose down along the side of the mouth and down toward the jawline). Apply numbing directly along the line/wrinkle to prep for the application of dermal filler.
  • Jowls becoming more pronounced and skin more lax? Numb along the mid/lower rim of the cheek bone and in the center pucker area of the cheeks for the application of Voluma. By replacing volume in the mid-face we are able to pick-up and smooth out the lower face.

Person sitting at the computer | lavinia k chong m DPatients looking for a specific pre-injection plan of care may request a virtual consultation with Dr. Lavinia Chong prior to their appointment, or they may text the word CONSENT along with a full face photo to (949) 644-1400. Our patient care coordinator will provide an approximate fee proposal based upon your consultation, and will confirm that we have enough time held at your next scheduled treatment date to complete the proposed treatment plan. *Please see below for additional instructions on the application of your topical anesthetic.


Application of Topical Anesthetic 

Person washing their face | lavinia k chong m DPrior to arriving for your appointment, prepare the treatment area by cleansing with a gentle cleanser. Take care to remove all oils, makeup and debris from the surface, and then pat dry with a clean towel.

Please Note: Do not apply anesthetic cream over blemishes, or areas of skin which are irritated or have been subject to chemical peels and/or procedures in the past 30 days. For our Facelift, Necklift, Eyelift, Browlift patients who are less than 30 days post op please consult with our patient coordinator prior to applying topical anesthetic.

  • Apply a thin layer of topical anesthetic* to the area you would like to treat. We advise wearing a glove for application, or to apply utilizing a Q-tip. Take care to not apply too close to the eye area. Please also take care to not rub product in your eyes. If applying topical anesthetic to your lips, take care not to lick your lips (do not ingest/swallow the topical anesthetic). Please wash your hands thoroughly following application.
  • After 20-30 minutes have passed, you may use gauze/tissue to wipe the topical anesthetic from the skin’s surface.
  • Apply no sooner than 30 minutes prior to treatment. Some patients may wish to apply their topical anesthetic prior to their Orange County commute to the office. For patients driving in from San Diego, Los Angeles, or the Inland Empire, you may choose to plan ahead, arrive early, apply numbing cream when you arrive, and simply sit and relax in your car prior to your treatment time.

*Please report any irritation, redness, itchiness to the practice.


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