Virtual Consultation

Virtual Consultations allow you to log in from anywhere (in or outside of Orange County), and on any type of device (desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone). Our encrypted, HIPAA-compliant platform via Google Meet ensures your meeting with female plastic surgeon Dr. Lavinia K. Chong is completely private, just as if you were in-person at our private plastic surgery suite in Newport Beach. 


Please complete your New Patient Packet and submit at the time of your consultation request. To complete your forms on your mobile device, you may download the Adobe Fill & Sign App. If you are unable to submit at the time of your virtual consultation request, you may complete your forms and return them using one of the methods listed below: 

  • Fill in forms electronically, print out, and fax to (949) 644-5988
  • Download the forms, fill in, save, and email to: email hidden; JavaScript is required

Once your New Patient Packet is received, we will reach out to assist you with scheduling. Please include your preferred time frame for scheduling. If at any time you have questions, or require assistance, please feel free to reach out to a member of your Patient Care Team by phone at (949) 644-1400.

Preparing for your virtual consultation…

Your Patient Concierge will reach out to you a few days prior to your video meeting with Dr. Chong. At that time, you will be provided with your unique Google Meet code, along with tips to help you prepare for your appointment. You may be asked to submit additional information prior to your consultation:

  • Face consults, please send photos of yourself from the past 10-25 years so that Dr. Chong may review your natural aging process. A face consultation may include reviewing options for browlift, eyelid lift (upper/lower), fat grafting from the abdomen to the face to replenish volume loss, facelift, or necklift.
  • Body consults, you will be asked to complete a measurement chart. These measurements may include chest, hips, waist, and BMI (body mass index). Need help with these measurements? Our patient concierge can send a printable measuring tape. To configure your BMI, visit the National Institutes of Health’s Aim for a Healthy Weight page. A body consultation may include reviewing options for a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty), puboplasty, dorsal roll lift, armlift (brachioplasty), or gynecomastia surgery (overdevelopment/enlargement of men’s breast tissue).
  • Breast consults, you will be asked to send current breast measurements. If you are over the age of 40, or have had a history of breast cancer, please send your most recent mammogram for Dr. Chong’s review. If you have a history of breast implants please be prepared to provide your implant information: manufacturer, style number, size, and location of the implant (subglandular, subfascial, or submuscular). If you have had any other breast imaging (MRI or Ultrasound), please feel free to provide that information as well. Patients looking to discuss breast implants (whether for revisional implant exchange or a primary breast augmentation), our patient concierge will send you links to review photos of looks you like. A breast consultation may include reviewing options not only for breast enhancements, but also breastlift (mastopexy), or a breast reduction (dependent upon your individual goals).

Have you been researching your procedure? Have you set time aside in your schedule and have a specific timeline in mind for surgery? Maybe you have questions about what to expect once you have chosen a surgery date. If so, we invite you to visit Tips for Preparing for Your Pre-Operative Appointment.