Gynecomastia is a term used to describe excess breast tissue in men. It affects nearly sixty percent of all men and can affect one or both breasts. Men who have this condition often feel self-conscious about it and it leaves them feeling less confident in many social situations. Gynecomastia can be corrected with male breast surgery and is often combined with other procedures such as liposuction to create a more trimmed, sculpted looking chest and abdominal area.

Gynecomastia can be caused by a number of underlying conditions such as:

  • Anabolic steroid use
  • Medications containing estrogen
  • Alcohol and marijuana
  • Cancer or impaired liver function
  • Genetics

Men who are, in general, good health, do not smoke, who are of normal weight, and who have a good outlook toward cosmetic surgery are often excellent candidates for male breast surgery.

The Procedure

Male Breast Surgery is generally performed with IV sedation, although sometimes it is performed with general anesthesia depending on the extent of the surgery required.

The majority of gynecomastia cases are addressed by liposuction. Small (3mm) incisions are planned in inconspicuous locations, tumescent solution (Lactated Ringer’s solution, Lidocaine, and Epinephrine) is infused prior to aspirating the excess tissue with a thin metal tube, called a canula. Due to the fibrous nature of the male breast, Power Assisted Liposuction is frequently utilized. The cannula sites are left open, to facilitate drainage and a compression vest is worn for 2 weeks to promote skin retraction. Owing to the thickness of the male breast skin, the results are immediate and there is very little down time. Any scarring will be nearly invisible.


Patients are advised to defer their chest work out regimens for a month but return to low-impact activities within a week. Occasionally, a patient will experience temporary numbness or a lack of sensation that can last up to a year.

Dr. Chong is deeply committed to providing her patients with caring, personalized service. She will be happy to meet with you to help you determine the best options to achieve your goals with cosmetic surgery.

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