Breast Lift

Breast Lift Newport Beach

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.”-Leo Tolstoy

This may have been accurate in the late 19th century; however the Information Age’s woman surfs the Internet to learn about trends, compare herself to her contemporaries and reinvent herself. Today’s women wear many “hats”: wife, mother, and worker. Our concept of “self” is influenced by various factors: age, ethnicity, history, amongst others; there have been “ideal body types” throughout history. We are currently in the selfie dominated Post Modern Beauty era, (2000-present), characterized by tin but athletic builds, voluptuous breasts, flat abdomen & shapely rumps. Recent polls establish that women are happiest with their bodies, between 29-42 years, so procedures which restore a beautiful, perky, sexy breast continue to be frequently requested. For women who are satisfied by their breast volume, dissatisfied by the shape of the breasts but reject the maintenance of breast implants, a breast lift may be a good option.

The Method:

There are at least 4-5 techniques for mastopexy, which are predicated on the goals:

  • Preservation of blood and nerve supply of the nipple-areolar complex (NAC);
  • Reduction of excess skin, breast tissue to create attractive, symmetric breasts;
  • Elevation of the NAC to a higher position on the chest wall;
  • Patient acceptance of external scars for improved shape;
  • Creation of smaller diameter, round NAC and less projecting nipples.

Pre-op screening tests include a panel of blood tests and a mammogram, if indicated by age. The outpatient procedure is scheduled under Monitored Anesthesia Care (MAC); operative time averages 2-4 hours.

Breast reshaping procedures exist on a continuum and aesthetic objectives change. Mastopexy can be combined with breast implants, if a patient desires additional volume or values upper pole (area between the clavicle and nipple) fullness; others may request “staged” ops, mastopexy first and implants later. Patient input is vital to surgical planning to avoid disappointments: getting a larger, droopier version is not usually what Mommy Makeover patients choose. Although it may be tempting to avoid scars by filling up post-pregnancy loose breast skin, it’s equally important to understand that breast lifts and implants, alone, cannot make a saggy breast “rise”. Improving the “stretchiness” of the skin brassier, which has been compromised by pregnancy and lactation and thereby maintaining the “correction” requires additional support, such as Strattice “slings”. Aesthetic surgery doesn’t stop the aging promise, merely slows it down.

Post-Operative Considerations:

Mastopexy patients are pleasantly surprised by their speedy recovery, which is relatively pain free. Average time for return to work and family obligations is 2-3 days. Scar maturation, wherein color and firmness abates, can be assisted with the use of Silagen for red scars.