Brachioplasty is another term for an arm lift. Excess skin and fat of the upper arms are the targets of this surgical procedure. In men, an arm lift can resolve skin laxity which has appeared either as a result of aging or has been magnified by weight gain and weight loss.

During your surgical consultation in Newport Beach, Lavinia K. Chong, MD will review your goals to help you determine whether this procedure will meet your expectations. You will be advised to factor adequate time into your schedule and lifestyle to recover. Your consultation will also provide an opportunity for you to discuss with Dr. Chong any special circumstances and expectations, formulate a treatment plan, and review all possible contingencies.

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With a brachioplasty, there comes a trade-off for improved contour. Although the suturing technique for this procedure aims to minimize scarring, the ideal candidate for this procedure accepts that scarring will most likely be present. Maintaining a stable weight, being in good health, and being a nonsmoker also make you an ideal candidate for this procedure.

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Major and minor brachioplasty is generally performed under intravenous sedation. The length of the scar is the primary difference between a major and minor arm lift. The quality of the skin of the inner arm and the extent of the skin’s laxity are also factors in determining the length of the scar. The location and quality of the final scar are reliant on the surgical planning of the incision.

In addition to redundant skin being excised, liposuction can first be performed to remove excess fat. In most cases, the incision will originate from the armpit and extends just above the elbow and will be closed using multiple layers of dissolving suture. Some bruising and swelling can be expected. Results are immediate and will become more apparent over the next few months.


Following your surgery, your first post-operative appointment will be scheduled for the day after your surgery. Compression sleeves can be expected to be worn for approximately two weeks. In many cases, the application of SIlagen is recommended to improve the appearance of scars. This scar management system is typically utilized for eight weeks and involves follow-up appointments every two weeks during its use.

Brachioplasty FAQs

What type of exercise restrictions can I expect to have?

If you are accustomed to incorporating lifting into your workout routine, you will need to alter your upper body workout for the first 4-6 weeks following surgery. We advise that you review your current list of activities (including but not limited to cycling, surfing, and yoga) with Dr. Chong during your consultation. Activity restrictions and releases will be reviewed and re-evaluated at each follow-up appointment.

Dr. Chong will be happy to consult with you regarding Arm Lift procedures and any other plastic surgery procedure. To schedule your consultation, please call our office in Newport Beach at (949) 644-1400.