Are Gummy Bear Implants Right For Me?

Recently I consulted with a woman who I thought would be a suitable candidate for the cohesive (gummy bear) gel implants. She had relatively little native breast volume, non­ptotic (droopy) skin envelope, and desired a “natural” outcome, without excessive upper pole heave, i.e. push up bra appearance… Read More »

Fat Is The Original Filler

During the course of any day, I am asked why fat isn’t the “same” throughout the body. Consider that fat has been grossly underappreciated and in fact deplored, however this connotes a fundamental misunderstanding of the multiple roles fat plays. Structure and protection are critical reasons why fat surrounds critical structures… Read More »

The Goals of Facelifts

Smiling Facelift Model
(Wo)man has been fascinated with cosmetic alteration since time immemorial. Societal trends suggest how we…