Breast Augmentation is a cosmetic surgery procedure that is performed to enhance the size of the breasts. Many women are unhappy with the size of their breasts as they feel it is disproportionately small for their figures. Some women find that as they get older, especially after pregnancy and nursing or significant weight loss, that their breasts have decreased in size. In some cases, a woman may use Breast Augmentation to enhance one breast that is a cup size or smaller than the other breast in cases of severe breast asymmetry. View our online before and after Breast Augmentation photo gallery to see real results our patients have enjoyed.

If you are interested in learning more about the breast augmentation procedure and recovery process, and to find out if it may be right for you, contact our office to schedule your consultation with Dr. Lavinia today. During your consultation Dr. Lavinia will ask you about your goals, any concerns or questions you have, and examine you to determine the best procedure plan for achieving the results you desire.

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