Botox Cosmetic – Injections Newport Beach

If you’re stressing over the increased appearance of facial wrinkles around your brow, nose and mouth, try the most popular cosmetic procedure in the country: Botox Cosmetic! Botox is an injection-based treatment used to prevent and erase wrinkles within a few days of application and will continue… Read More »

Workout Face

In the U.S. it’s inevitable, we’re perpetually dieting, working­out, chasing that “sweet bird of youth” but for what purpose? The health benefits are indisputable. Fitness becomes a lifestyle choice and a hedge against middle age “spread”. Most of us are not experts and entrust our bodies to personal trainers and our diets to the… Read More »

Botox – Is It A Gateway Drug

As we speak, there are three Botulinum toxins are produced and marketed for the treatment of wrinkles in the U.S.A. I acquired my first experience with Onobotulinum toxin (Allergan) in 1997, when an employee asked if the practice was going to offer “Botox”. The minimally invasive procedures were in their infancy and my understanding… Read More »

Dr. Chong On the Aesthetic Insider Show

Thrilled to be an invited speaker with Aesthetic Insider, an Internet live-streaming radio show. Hosted by Angela O’Mara, a fellow Brit and founder of the Professional Image, Inc. We spoke candidly about a variety of topics ranging from Mommy Makeovers to the rise of the Male Aesthete. I introduced the principle… Read More »

The Male Aesthete

Not long ago, male grooming was restricted to shaving and haircuts. Fashion, globalization and paradigm shifts converge on the Internet to make today’s man as well plumed as any male in the animal kingdom. Gender bias holds that females… Read More »