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Waterpolo 2016

Yes, this is the last season that my family & I will be sports fanatics who ditch, leaving home at 05:00h to travel to the tournament, chant the institutional “war cry” and cluck about sore muscles, banged lips & plays that didn’t quite happen. Our daughter is starting her final waterpolo season at… Read More »

Queen Of Hearts

February was American Heart month but perhaps we physicians should think about how heart disease can have various manifestations, especially in women and ethnic minorities. Heart disease affects more than 6 million American women, and another 37 million women are at risk for developing heart disease… Read More »

On Relevance

A few weeks ago marked the passing of two artists, who were widely admired for their craft and possibly for their enviable transgenerational appeal. At some level, most of us search for meaning in this life, however we may never aspire to the cultural icon status of David Bowie or elicit the antipathy of arch­villain, Alan Rickman… Read More »

The Lady Protested And Lived

Last week I welcomed a patient, who had not been in for her “annual” for many years. At her last visit, she volunteered that she had experienced left chest pain and consulted a Cardiologist. Apparently, he diagnosed musculoskeletal compression as the cause and she was confused about how the thoracic bony rib cage could be the culprit… Read More »

I Look Like A Surgeon

Not all surgeons are men. The NY Daily News 8/13/15 edition launched the social media campaign, which is a spin off of the STEM movement, celebrating women engineers. I learned of it from a woman with whom I was in General Surgery residency and who is like me, a BC Plastic Surgeon in private practice… Read More »

Celebrity Sighting

He was seated at the next table, thin, slightly bowed and wearing his signature goggles with the “Croakies” and a super fade. I nudged my dining companion and whispered, “do you think that’s Kareem?”, who gave a cursory glance in his direction. “No, I think he’s too short. It’s definitely not him.” And then, just like that… Read More »

Is Cosmetic Surgery Mandatory

It’s official, cosmetic surgery is no longer the exclusive province of tabloid cynicism. The June 17, 2015 edition of Time features a cover story, “Nip. Tuck. Or Else.” Author, Joel Stein throws down the gauntlet with this opening statement: “You’re going to have to do it… Read More »

Fry Now, Pay Later

UVA (400320nm) comprises 95% of radiation and is the primary emission in tanning booth. It was previously believed that UVA was the principal culprit for photoaging of the skin, however it has now been implicated in damaging keratinocytes and resulting in Basal (BCC) and Squamous Cell carcinomas (SCC). Consider this… Read More »


It has been suggested that life is a series of milestones: birth, education, graduation, marriage, family. I count myself fortunate to be in the “moyen age”: nurturing my surgical practice, enjoying the company of children who are developing independently and all the while, evolving. One of my guiding principles is that change is inevitable… Read More »