Full Face Correction: Achieving Optimal Outcomes

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Do you have an upcoming injectables appointment scheduled, or have you been considering exploring your non-surgical options for aging solutions? We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions surrounding dermal fillers and their use in full face correction.
What is full face correction?
Full face correction is the replenishment of volume for overall improvement of the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. For some patients, full correction provides a temporary solution to problems encountered with aging (loss of volume, skin laxity, and an increased appearance of wrinkles). For others, full correction provides solutions related to weight gain/loss (fat is the original filler).
What is the cost of full face correction?
Costs vary as each patient’s needs are unique. Per Allergan recommendations, full face correction due to aging can be calculated at a need of 1-1.5 syringe(s) per decade of life. For example, a 50-yr old patient likely needs no less than five (5) syringes of filler to achieve optimal full face correction. A variety of fillers exist to provide solutions expertly in individual areas, or zones. Depending on the product, the cost of filler may range from $650-$850 per syringe.
How do I know how much my treatment will be?
When you check in for your appointment you will be asked to fill out a sheet which will call out the areas of your face you would like to address with Dr. Chong. She will review your treatment options and propose product placement. You will be provided with an estimated cost for full face correction. At that time, based upon your preferred budget, the day’s treatment plan will be set. You may decide to have Dr. Chong do a full face correction, or you may decide to treat only specific zones.
How do I know if I’m a good candidate for this procedure?
At the time of your appointment, Dr. Chong will review your photos and natural aging process over the years. She will review your goals and address how neurotoxins such as Botox and/or dermal fillers such as Voluma or Restylane may help you achieve those goals. If this is your first time meeting with Dr. Chong, we advise bringing a selection of photos from the past 10, 20, even 30 years for review.
Who performs the injectables procedure?
All injectables appointments, and surgical procedures, are performed by female plastic surgeon Dr. Lavinia K. Chong at her private surgical suite in Newport Beach.
Will the amount and type of product I use change as I get older?
It is possible the amount of neurotoxin (Botox) units used may decrease with age. As we age, we encounter a risk of decompensation of lateral brow ptosis (dropped brow), necessitating a reduction in units used during treatment. On the other side of aging, we may also encounter more long-standing glabellar etch lines (wrinkle lines between the eyes). To reduce the appearance of these lines, a low volume of filler may be used.
How soon after Cutera Secret RF can I have fillers?
We advise you to space your microneedling  and injectables appointments three (3) weeks apart from each other.
Is there anything I need to know after having injectable dermal fillers or Botox? 
Yes! After having Botox, please refrain from strenuous exercise for two (2) hours. After having filler, please note that many of the products are hydrophilic, meaning that you may notice an increased swelling within the first 72 hours before gradually resolving on its own. For all injectables: cold compress may be applied in 15 minute increments to alleviate swelling; avoid drinking excessive alcohol; Tylenol (acetaminophen) may be taken as a pain reliever; and please refrain from massaging, rubbing, or touching the treatment area.
How long does Botox last?
Results vary between patients. While the full effect of Botox treatments may be seen within 3-7 days, treatment generally lasts patients an average of 3-4 months.
How long do injectable dermal fillers last?
Dermal fillers as well are a temporary procedure lasting several months at varying lengths depending on the patient. Once full correction is achieved, maintenance appointments may be scheduled for touch-ups. Please remember, any addition of product carries with it an additional cost.
Fillers vs. fat grafting vs. facelift … what’s best?
Some patients may not have the physical resources (BMI) to be a candidate for fat grafting. Some patients may have time constraints which are not able to accommodate the recovery time needed for a surgical procedure. Overall some patients may see the most benefit by saving their budget and allocating the time for surgical procedures versus relying solely on non-surgical options. These are all great points to discuss with Dr. Chong at the beginning of your appointment!
I have had a facelift, does that mean I won’t see any benefit from filler?
Patients who have had a Cervicoplasty (necklift) and/or Rhytidectomy (facelift), may still see benefit with the use of fillers. Unfortunately we are not able to stop the hands of time and halt the aging process. As we continue to age, we may also continue to see a loss of volume in varying areas of the face. 
I have an HSA card and/or CareCredit, are you a participating provider?
We are able to process any HSA card transaction with a Visa/MC/AmEx/Discover logo. Our Newport Beach Plastic Surgery office is a participating CareCredit provider, offering patients 6-months no interest promotional financing or a 24-month fixed interest financing (some restrictions apply). Care Credit’s payment calculator makes it easy to calculate payments and help patients stay within their budget!
Do you ever have specials?
We do our best to keep patients up to date on any special manufacturer rebates. Most product manufacturers offer patients rewards programs in which credit is earned for treatment and can be redeemed at future treatments. Restylane rewards are available by registering with Aspire Rewards Program, and rewards for Botox and Voluma are available by registering with Brilliant Distinctions Rewards Program. For a limited time, newly opened Care Credit accounts are eligible for a special promotion through 2019 (visit https://www.carecredit.com/offer100 for more information).

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