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Sorting ages from 30 - 49yrs

Implant Exchange – Patient 1

Patient Case: #3512
1 month post procedure
IMPLANT TYPE: Silicone, HIgh Profile, Smooth
INCISION SITE: Peri-arelolar, Vertical (Lollipop incision)
Patient Age: 48
Patient Height: 5’4″
Patient Weight: 115lbs

*Individual results may vary

Implant Exchange – Patient 5

Patient Case: #7345
41 yr old female    Ht: 5’9” Wt: 163 lbs    Previous history of Submuscular Bilateral Breast Augmentation
Pre Op Implant: McGhan Smooth Saline
Pre Op Implant Size: 360cc    
Procedure: Implant Exchange with Suture Capsulorrhaphy
Pre Op Diagnosis: Desire for improved positioning to resolve right-lateral displacement.
Implant: Mentor Textured Medium Height Moderate Plus Cohesive III gummy bear
R: 330cc L: 330cc     Submuscular Placement     2 years Post Op

*Individual results may vary
Patient Case: #7072
Pre-op and 18 months post-op  
Patient Age: 49 yr old female     
Patient Height: 5’2”     
Patient Weight: 114 lbs     
History of Breast Augmentation w/ Saline Implants
Pre Op Diagnosis: Grade II Mammary Ptosis                     
Pre Op Implants:  Mentor High Profile Silicone 550cc
Revisional Procedure: Bilateral Implant Exchange w/ Open Capsulotomy and Mastopexy (Lollipop Lift)
Implant: Mentor MemoryGel® Xtra Smooth Round High Profile (SHPX) Silicone   (R) 380cc   (L) 355cc
Patient Case: #3092 
Pre-op and 11 yrs post-op   
Patient Age: 44 yr old female   
Patient Height: 5’6”   
Patient Weight: 143lb (at time of Implant Exchange)
Goal: Increased Upper Pole Fullness and Projection, Reduce Sagging                     
Pre Op Sizing: D     
Post Op Goal: DD
History of Primary Bilateral Breast Augmentation with Mastopexy (addition of Strattice at 2 years Post Op)
Surgical Plan: Implant Exchange w/ Open Capsulectomy and Liposuction of Axillary Fat
Explant: Allergan Biocell Style 115 Round Textured Silicone Mid-range Profile (Size: 290cc)
Implant: Natrelle™ Inspira™ Soft Touch™ SSX Smooth Round Extra-Full Profile (Size: 445cc)