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Sorting ages from 30 - 49yrs

Patient Case: #9083
3 Months Post-Op

Explant-Mastopexy, (B) Open Capsulectomy, (B) Durasorb Slings
Explants: McGhan Full Height Moderate Projection Textured Saline: (B) 360cc
Tissue Removed –  Left: 25g, Right: 38g
Patient Age: 48 Years Old
*Individual results may vary

Patient Case: #2542
1.5 Years Post-Op
Explant-Mastopexy, (B) Open Capsulectomy
Explants: Mentor Classic Profile Saline 475cc filled to:  (L) 485cc, (R) 538cc
Tissue Removed –  Left: 187g, Right: 94g
Patient Age: 46 Years Old
*Individual results may vary

Explant-Mastopexy, (B) Open Capsulectomy

Patient Case: #3333
Explants: Natrelle Style 15 Moderate Profile Silicone (B) Ruptured – (B) 339cc
Tissue Removed  –  Left: 18g

Patient Age: 49 Years Old
Patient Height: 5’7
Patient Weight: 128

Goals: Remove implants, capsules and silicone, small/sporty B-cup