Pre Appointment Instructions

Please click on your appointment type below for important information about your upcoming appointment! 

What to expect for your next injectables (Botox & Filler) appointment or Newport Beach office appointment with female plastic surgeon Dr. Lavinia K. Chong


If any of the below apply, please call the office immediately (prior to your arrival).

Please notify the office, if in the past 15 days, you:

  • Traveled to any county/state/country which has known cases of COVID-19 novel coronavirus 
  • Came into contact with someone diagnosed as COVID-19 positive
  • Came into contact with someone who was presumptive positive or symptomatic
  • Developed a fever (of any type, high grade or low grade)
  • Experienced any of the symptoms below:   
  • Shortness of Breath / Extreme Fatigue / Episodes of Coughing / Difficulty Breathing

Please remember to wear your mask to your appointment. Thank you for your consideration!