Pre Appointment Screening

What to expect for your next injectables (Botox & Filler) appointment or Newport Beach office appointment with female plastic surgeon Dr. Lavinia K. Chong

If you have had direct contact with anyone who has recently tested positive for COVID-19 (coronavirus), please contact the office immediately.

What is direct contact? Direct contact means a conversation lasting more than 5 minutes with a person who is closer than 6 feet away from you or physical contact such as hand-shaking, hugging, or kissing. 

What is considered recent? Recent direct contact would be contact which occurred within the past 14 days.

Please also notify the office if in the past three weeks you have:

Spent 24 hours or longer away from your primary residence;

Experienced symptoms of COVID-19.

Please be aware, as the prevalence of COVID-19 in our area continues, our schedule remains adaptive.

  • You may be contacted by office staff to convert your in-office follow-up or consultation to a virtual appointment.
  • Staff may request that we postpone or modify certain non-surgical procedures to reduce opportunities for transmission.
  • Pre-operative appointments, immediate post-operative appointments, and surgery scheduling is not impacted at this time.
  • All immediate post-operative surgical patients will continue to be seen in-office for wound care and monitoring during their recovery process. 
  • To ensure your appointment is not cancelled, please reply YES to either your text message or email reminder. You may also call the office to confirm your appointment or simply text YES to 9496441400. Please note, appointments which are not confirmed, may be cancelled.

As part of your appointment check-in process, please click on the link which best describes your upcoming in-office visit, and review the information prior to your visit:

Please remember to confirm your appointment. Unconfirmed appointments may be cancelled. If you have any questions about the status of your upcoming appointment, please call or text (949) 644-1400 today! Please remember, masks and social distancing are required within all buildings of the Newport Medical Plaza, and are required at all times in common areas of our private surgical suite (including, but not limited to, the lobby and hallways). At this time, the only guests permitted in-office are those assisting with your immediate post-surgical care.

We thank you all for your continued consideration and look forward to seeing you soon!