Overheard In The OR

It is my custom and practice to call the patient the night before surgery, to brief them on the answers to the “pop quiz”, which out admitting RN asks. Patients are gratified to have a preview so that they can ease into the surgical day, as effortlessly as possible… Read More »

Does Age Matter?

There’s chronological age and performance age and both may not be the same. So what is age? Some maintain age is a physical state, others believe it has biological, psychological, social and spiritual dimensions. Consider the Karnofsky scale, in which 100 represents perfect health and 0 death… Read More »

The Lady Protested And Lived

Last week I welcomed a patient, who had not been in for her “annual” for many years. At her last visit, she volunteered that she had experienced left chest pain and consulted a Cardiologist. Apparently, he diagnosed musculoskeletal compression as the cause and she was confused about how the thoracic bony rib cage could be the culprit… Read More »

Breast Cancer Remembrance Day 2015

In August 2014, my patient, “Debbie” discovered an ominous large, left breast mass, while showering. She was visiting her sister, “Dora”, also a breast cancer survivor, who was recovering from an Orthopedic procedure. The sisters were devoted best friends who sang acapella. Drawing on her own personal experience… Read More »

Commercial Woes

We are in the “happy medicine” business so when there is a weak link, suboptimal results arise. Generally, I can positively influence myself, my staff, the anesthetic experience, and even elicit the patient’s cooperation. However, without dermal fillers, neuromuscular toxins, implants, biological meshes, lasers, and other technologies… Read More »

Itty Bitty Committee

People magazine’s June 1, 2015 “Body Issue” featured the 108 most talked about bodies. “Bikinis at every age” features desirable images of women, many of whose proportions are greatly admired and requested in my practice. The post­modern female (2000 onwards) attributes reflect a sociological change away from the 80′s… Read More »

Celebrity Sighting

He was seated at the next table, thin, slightly bowed and wearing his signature goggles with the “Croakies” and a super fade. I nudged my dining companion and whispered, “do you think that’s Kareem?”, who gave a cursory glance in his direction. “No, I think he’s too short. It’s definitely not him.” And then, just like that… Read More »

Is Cosmetic Surgery Mandatory

It’s official, cosmetic surgery is no longer the exclusive province of tabloid cynicism. The June 17, 2015 edition of Time features a cover story, “Nip. Tuck. Or Else.” Author, Joel Stein throws down the gauntlet with this opening statement: “You’re going to have to do it… Read More »

Fry Now, Pay Later

UVA (400320nm) comprises 95% of radiation and is the primary emission in tanning booth. It was previously believed that UVA was the principal culprit for photoaging of the skin, however it has now been implicated in damaging keratinocytes and resulting in Basal (BCC) and Squamous Cell carcinomas (SCC). Consider this… Read More »


It has been suggested that life is a series of milestones: birth, education, graduation, marriage, family. I count myself fortunate to be in the “moyen age”: nurturing my surgical practice, enjoying the company of children who are developing independently and all the while, evolving. One of my guiding principles is that change is inevitable… Read More »