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Medically reviewed by Lavinia K. Chong, MD, FACS

It’s official, cosmetic surgery is no longer the exclusive province of tabloid cynicism. The June 17, 2015 edition of Time features a cover story, “Nip. Tuck. Or Else.” Author, Joel Stein throws down the gauntlet with this opening statement:

“You’re going to have to do it. And not all that long from now. Not because you hate yourself, fear aging or are vain. You’re going to get a cosmetic procedure for the same reason you wear makeup: because every other woman is.”

Analysis: Ladies, there is no free will and in fact, you should feel time pressured to conform to a societal norm. Gentlemen, what about you?

I am a 2nd generation Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon. In my late father’s tenure, 19722003, Plastic Surgery’s scope of practice included Craniofacial anomalies, Hand surgery, Cancer and Trauma Reconstruction, Chronic wounds and cosmetic surgery. In 1962, the codevelopers of the breast implant, Drs. Tom Cronin and Frank Gerow were mortified to be dubbed “beauticians” and were ridiculed, by their colleagues, for their invention, until the US public’s fascination with body modification grew. Relocating from an academic teaching position at Temple University, Pennsylvania, my father joined one of 5 Plastic Surgery practices in Newport Beach in 1972. Indeed there were much fewer opportunities in the late 20th century both for patients and cosmetic surgeons. Cosmetic surgery was the province of the uber rich, a discreet arrangement, which was neither understood, marketed or mainstream. But within a generation, attitudes have morphed and discounting this cynical view there is no self determination, we must agree that the OC has come of age, rivaling destinations such as Beverly Hills, Dallas, Miami or Manhattan.

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