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If you have had one or more pregnancies, you might be considering a mommy makeover. A combination surgery such as this can drastically improve your belly bulge, get rid of your stubborn fat and loose skin, and revitalize your sagging, deflated breasts. However, patients sometimes ask Dr. Lavinia Chong whether or not having a mommy makeover will preclude them from having more children in the future.

Because many women want to get back to their pre-pregnancy figure but are not entirely sure whether or not they are finished growing their family through childbirth, we will take time to look further into this question.

What Is a Mommy Makeover?

A mommy makeover is a unique combination surgery offered by Dr. Chong, during which women can have multiple plastic surgery procedures performed during one surgical event. Surgical options that Dr. Chong can include in a mommy makeover are:

Most women choose a mommy makeover to resolve all of their concerns surrounding their post-pregnancy bodies. And as a woman and mother herself, Dr. Chong understands the different needs and concerns that each woman faces as they struggle to get used to their new body after pregnancy. That is why she focuses her care on three key aspects—making the correct diagnosis, utilizing excellent surgical techniques, and performing careful follow-ups with each of her patients.

Is Pregnancy After a Mommy Makeover Safe?

There is nothing about the mommy makeover procedure that is dangerous for you or your baby if you choose to get pregnant after undergoing this surgery. In fact, Dr. Chong has had several post-mommy makeover patients conceive and deliver full-term, healthy babies.

However, because a woman’s body naturally changes during pregnancy in order to prepare for the baby—through weight gain, enlarged breasts, and stretched skin—many women who have had children after a mommy makeover experience a relapse with their results. You will need to undergo another mommy makeover to regain your previous results if this occurs.

Dr. Chong wants her patients to experience long-lasting results, no matter the procedure they choose. For this reason, she recommends her mommy makeover patients of childbearing age wait to have this procedure until they are sure they are finished having children and have a solid birth control plan in place.

Talk to Dr. Chong Today About Your Overall Cosmetic Goals

As a board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Chong is highly sought after by many because she can relate to you as a woman and mother. She can also empathize with you as you consider your options for a mommy makeover. Rest assured that she will always be upfront and honest with you about her recommendations and will never pressure you to make a decision that is not in the best interest of your safety and comfort.

If you are ready to schedule your initial mommy makeover consultation, call her office today at (949) 644-1400, and a member of her friendly team will gladly help you.

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