Fry Now, Pay Later

UVA (400320nm) comprises 95% of radiation and is the primary emission in tanning booth. It was previously believed that UVA was the principal culprit for photoaging of the skin, however it has now been implicated in damaging keratinocytes and resulting in Basal (BCC) and Squamous Cell carcinomas (SCC). Consider this… Read More »

Immediate Breast Reconstruction

Frantic Friday, split between the hospital and the office. Delivery of health care services is becoming increasingly polarized between the “acute” care centers and ambulatory facilities. My practice has evolved since its inception, focusing on aesthetic procedures, which are entirely discretionary and scheduled in the office setting… Read More »


It has been suggested that life is a series of milestones: birth, education, graduation, marriage, family. I count myself fortunate to be in the “moyen age”: nurturing my surgical practice, enjoying the company of children who are developing independently and all the while, evolving. One of my guiding principles is that change is inevitable… Read More »

Mother’s Day 2015

Reflecting on a memorable Mother’s Day 2015 at the NCAA women’s waterpolo tournament, spent enthusiastically cheering my daughter and her team, U.C. Berkeley, who were ranked and took the 4th place. To the uninitiated, a waterpolo match is four 7-minute quarters but this discounts the countless hours of training… Read More »