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When you visit Dr. Lavinia Chong to discuss a mommy makeover, she will explain in detail how to customize a mommy makeover procedure to meet your unique needs and give you the results you are looking for in your post-pregnancy body.

A mommy makeover is a suite of procedures designed to help you address all of your concerns with how your body looks once you are done having children. Not only does Dr. Chong have a unique perspective as a female plastic surgeon, but she is also a mother, so she understands first-hand how pregnancy can leave you with a body you do not recognize.

Dr. Chong develops every treatment plan focusing on three key aspects of care—establishing the correct diagnosis, utilizing excellent surgical techniques, and conducting careful follow-up.

A mommy makeover can include a combination of any or all of the following procedures:

  • Tummy Tuck/Lipoabdominoplasty

The area most affected by pregnancy is the abdomen. Many women choose a mommy makeover because they have excess skin on their tummies and stubborn pockets of fat that they cannot seem to diet or exercise away. A tummy tuck will improve the appearance of scars left over from a C-section, remove extra skin, and repair separated abdominal muscles. If you would like to have more contouring around your abdomen, Dr. Chong can perform a lipoabdominoplasty, which is liposuction that occurs at the same time as a tummy tuck.

  • Breast Augmentation/Breast Augmentation with Breast Lift

Because the breasts are most affected during pregnancy, they are often an area of concern for many moms. During a mommy makeover, Dr. Chong can perform breast augmentation to increase the size of your deflated breasts, or a breast augmentation with a breast lift to increase the size and improve the location of your breasts.

  • Breast Lift

While moms can choose to have a breast augmentation and breast lift combination procedure, some women do not want to increase their breast size, but simply want to reposition their breasts to a more youthful location on the chest wall. A breast lift will do just that. If you have breasts that are slowly getting closer to your waistline, consider including a breast lift in your mommy makeover treatment plan.

  • Breast Reduction

Dr. Chong understands that not all women want larger breasts during a mommy makeover, and in fact, many women want to decrease the size of their breasts. If you have daily pain associated with overly large breasts, ask Dr. Chong about how breast reduction can truly change your life. 

Visit Dr. Chong to Learn More About a Mommy Makeover

The best way to find out the perfect combination of procedures for your mommy makeover is to visit Dr. Chong for a one-on-one consultation. She will develop a plan that will suit your needs and help you achieve your goals. Call her office today at (949) 644-1400 to get started!

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